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Protein Shakes are great after a workout. It is one of the best times to get protein into the body, so that the protein can be delivered to your muscles, to begin healing the very small tears in the muscle tissue, caused by intense contraction of the muscle during workout.


Creatine is a popular Nutritional supplement used to increase lean muscle mass, strenght and power while improving recovery, Creatine is taken as a performance enhance for those engaging in sports that require quickness and short burst power.



Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and are found in many food sources. Some amino acids can be made by your body, but others, known as the "essential amino acids," must be obtained through food or supplements. Although amino acid supplements are often associated with athletes, supplementation may benefit anyone. This is because amino acids produce enzymes and are also involved in mood, concentration, sleep and a number of other physiological phenomena.




All These Protein shakes, Creatine and Amino Acids Can be bought at Animal Gym plus many more supplements.

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